Audit and Assurance

Our risk based audit approach apply standard methodology to comply with International Standards on Internal Auditing services and it is developed by core principles relating to professional integrity, independence, and ethical behavior that all partners and staff must implement and adhere to. Our Auditors approach is enhanced by an established and up-to-date set of monitoring processes, technologies and tools that assist our teams to access knowledge. Our system is designed to accommodate the issues that have an impact on audit judgments to improve the overall quality of the audit.

The service characteristics of our auditors in include hands-on and year-round contact with our clients who benefit from our commitment to service continuity and the utilization of our most experienced professionals during the audits. Across our Firm, we have auditors who are specialized in specific industry sectors; this allows us to perform the audit with a unique knowledge-based and value-added perspective.

Our professional Auditors work is made in collaboration with clients’ executives, directors, and regulatory bodies to recognize the dynamic business environment and to provide pro-active suggestions to our clients on the foreseeable changes.

Consulting and Advisory

We combine international consulting skills with local expertise, innovation and creativity to develop the best solutions for our clients. Our approach combines a rapid diagnosis of the business issues pertaining to our clients with the execution of changes needed, aiming to transfer our skills and experience to our clients staff, thereby ensuring their sustainable business improvement.
Our Consulting and Advisory services includes but not limited to

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due diligence Review and Assessments
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Business Process Audits and Reengineering
  • Market research and feasibility study
  • Contract Management
  • Project Financial Management
  • Drafting SOP, Manuals and Policy Documents
  • Gap Analysis and NFRS Implementations
  • Financial Management Trainings and Evaluations
  • Internal Audit

    Our internal audit approach is a risk-based approach which emphasises early planning and understanding how your organisation operates. This enables us to identify key audit risks and tailor our audit response to the unique aspects, size and nature of your organisation. The benefit to you is an effective, cost efficient, value-added internal audit, performed in a timely manner by experienced professionals.
    Our methodology is based upon the following fundamental principles:

  • Adequate audit planning, in order to deliver the best quality resource, and gain a good understanding of the expectation from management.
  • Comprehensive management consultation to ensure, in all circumstances, that management have had a full brief and opportunity to respond to issues which have been raised.
  • Delivering audit recommendations which are common sense, creative and simple, and beyond the basics. Recommendations must be clearly implementable, and enhance the control environment.
  • Clearly identifying and reporting efficiencies which may be gained, observed during the course of the audit.
  • Identifying risks which are impacted by the issue found, and identifying the sources of assurance which mitigate the risk in addition to the control which is found to be faulty.
  • Accounting

    Accounting is a necessity in every business – whether it is Proprietary Business, Limited Liability Company or Listed Company or a Multi-national Corporation. Accurate, reliable and timely financial reporting is essential for monitoring business performance as well as to comply with government regulations. Managing accounting without professional help can be a difficult task.

    We offer comprehensive accounting services to companies who wish to outsource their accounting function. We can help you fulfill your accounting requirements including payroll processing, while freeing your bandwidth to focus on your core business. Our highly qualified and skilled accountants have in-depth knowledge of accounting procedures across industries

    Taxation and Corporate Law

    S. Subedi and Associates will be your best ally to secure regulatory compliance and to avoid financial or legal liabilities aroused from non-compliance. The updated and broad knowledge of our specialists on the current and emerging Nepal laws and regulations guarantees prompt accomplishments of your legal needs; whether it relates to individual or expatriates tax issues or getting approval of your foreign investment. We not only provide litigation support to your tax appeals with the revenue departments of Income, Excise, Custom or VAT but also provides support in incorporations of your business and licensing your services with department of Industry. The list of taxation and corporate legal services we currently offering are: